DESEN In Line Printer Model DSP-3008

The fully automatic In Line screen printer model DSP-3008 provide a solution of printing Cycle time for less than 9 Sec for SMT boards of up to 620x620mm. The system accuracy of +/- 0.018 mm and repeatability of +/-0.008mm. Automatic vision system & Automatic PCB thickness adjustment is std in the machine. 2D inspection avilable.

DSP-3008 Semiconductor-levelfull-auto solder paste printer

◆ Print Head with Direct – Connection Way

◆ Precise Transport System

◆ Automatic Stencil Cleaning System

◆ Safe Distribution of Electric Control

◆ Frame Structure of fully-automatic set-up

◆Humanized Operation Interface

◆ Unique and new structure of calibration platform

◆ X、Y、θ adjust independently, has the higher and wider calibration range

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