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Thermal Barriers

The 1″ Uni-Barrier with Yellow Jacket is the standard barrier in all our Lead-Free profiling kits, including the wireless RF kit. A thermal barrier is the protection the SuperM.O.L.E. needs to ensure longevity through harsh environments. With piano-hinged stainless steel construction, sheathed in cool-to the touch high-temperature fabric,this barrier is rated for 8.7 minutes at 300C steady state ambient, ideal for lead-free reflow and wave soldering work. This Barrier combination is light- weight and thin (32.5mm [1.28″]). Conveyed with Side Rider, only 23mm [.907″] of abovechain clearance is required – great for low clearance ovens. Plus it cools quickly while keeping your M.O.L.E. cool inside. For profiling overhead conveyors or longer and much hotter applications, simply contact ECD and we will match a thermal barrier to your time/temperature and space/size requirements.

Thermocouple Sensors

To withstand the rigors of Lead-Free profiling, standard ECD kit thermocouples now feature glass insulation for a 482C [900F] rating. Our standard 3-foot [915mm] length thermocouple set matches the color-indexing of the SuperM.O.L.E. Gold right through to the software, so you can instantly tell what channel every instrumented component maps to. Glass insulation is available in both 36 gauge [.127mm/.005″ diameter] and 30 gauge [.254mm/.010″ diameter] with micro style connector. PFA insulation remains available in both gauges in both micro and miniature connector styles. PFA style is rated for 260C [500F] maximum. Packages of 6 color-indexed thermocouples include an index label for your M.O.L.E., a sample of high temperature solder, strips of aluminum and Kapton tape and an organizer sleeve. ECD specifies special limits of error grade thermocouples for ±1.1°C or 0.4% sensor accuracy.

Rechargeable power pack battery

Our products are designed to give you years of use, however ECD Power Packs older than 2004 are NOT designed for RoHS-compliant temperatures. Extremes of “lead-free” profiling use, over 5+ years take their toll on battery life… Don’t risk losing valuable data, and time!

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