Essemtec PUMA – Smart-Sized Modular Pick-and-Place

The Puma – State of the art technology. Expandable in any direction. Same as in nature our Puma is common modular and adaptive in all kinds of environment. With different modules the systems grow synchronously with the customer’s requirements for performance and processes. Puma is world`s best highspeed Pick-and-Place solution which can also be used in ultraflexible, rapid prototyping development.

  • combined process

    Highspeed placement and dispensing in single pass-through
    1, 2 or 4 placement-axes and 1-2 dispense processes
  • productivity

    Optimum 18’100 cph, up to 54’300 cph inline

    Optimum 145’000 dots/h (with Piezo Jet Valve)

  • small footprint

    Up to 280 Feeder on 2 m2 (up to 420 inline)

    PCB size 560 x 610 mm, optional 1’800 x 610 mm

  • mineral cast

    No vibration, symmetrical mineral casting

    No warpage, no thermal drift

  • quick changeover

    Nonstop production, intelligent smart feeder

    Nonstop feeder and production changeover

  • linear motors

    Fast, reliable double drive linear motors

    No maintenance, longest lifetime

Product Website: https://essemtec.com/en/products/pick-and-place/puma/

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