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Essemtec RO300FC

Full Convection 4 zone Reflow Oven,

Small but powerful reflow oven. 300 mm process width. Convection Sophisticated zone separation between zones enables profiles that are normally possible only on larger and much more expensive systems. Small footprint 2.0×0.7 m.

  • 4 zone convection
  • 300 mm soldering width
  • Lead-free process approved
  • Soldering or curing

Hot air convection oven for all SMT applications

The RO300FC exclusively heats with hot air convection and can be used for the different tasks in SMT assembly, especially for the reflow soldering of lead free solder pastes or the curing of adhesives. It features easy operation, perfect reflow results and a robust construction. It is well suited for continuous production, small batch manufacturing and prototyping.

  • 100% convection heating
  • Equal heating rates
  • Minimum Delta-T
  • Precise temperature control
  • Soldering or curing applications
  • Small dimensions – high throughput
  • Volume or small series production
  • Graphical recording of temperature profiles

The vertical hot air stream evenly heats the complete PCB. The
high air volume guarantees equal heating rates in all the components and the
substrate. This technology eliminates the risk of hot spots or heat shadows.

The perfect zone separation of the RO300FC allows
the setup of profiles for all applications: a) lead free profile with soak

b) lead free profile without platform,

c) curing profile for adhesives.

With RO-CONTROL new soldering tasks can be simulated and
it offers unlimited storage space for programs. Measured temperature profiles
can be superimposed graphically.

Product Website: essemtec.com/en/products/reflow-ovens

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