Reprint R29 Spectrum

R29 Spectrum Fully Automatic High Precision In-line Screen Printer

sets new levels for productivity whilst maintaining an exceptional price toperformance ratio. Aimed at medium to high users, this totally new design is packed with highly automated and innovative features. Stylish in design and with built in flexibility.

R29 Spectrum Fully Automatic High Precision In-line Screen Printer


The R29 Spectrum fully automatic screen printer sets new levels for productivity whilst maintaining an exceptional price to performance ratio. Aimed at medium to high users, this totally new design is packed with highly automated and innovative features.

Stylish in design and with built in flexibility theR29 Spectrum has the smallest footprint of any machine in its class.

A Windows XP based user interface provides intuitive operation of all the machine’s functions and features. Combined with a precise servo motion control system and housed in a robust mechanical frame, the R29Spectrum can maintain high productivity yeilds with the lowest of ownerships costs while delivering outstanding printing results..

In a competitive and challenging manufacturing world, the R29 Spectrum is an ideal choice for a whole range of production environments.

Main Features

  • 736 x 736mm (29″ x 29″) standard frame up to a maximum 736 x 812mm (29″ x 32″). (Universal screen frame adaptor available for smaller frames)
  • Unique vision alignment system.
  • Closed loop servo control of all moving platforms.
  • Automatic stencil loading, positioning and ejection system.(Significantly reduces product set-up and change over times.
  • Vertical motion control for stencil/PCB separation.
  • Interlocks incorporated for safe operation.
  • Front dedicated, automated rail width adjustment system. Optional rear dedicated configuration available.
  • Smema FMI interface protocol as standard. Other FMI protocols available on request.
  • Heavy board handling system as standard.
  • Fully automatic vision system for precise, repeatable printing.
  • Easy and intuitive user interface software.
  • Flexible, Manual, Vacuum or Automatic tooling systems available.

Ease of Operation

All functions of the R29 Spectrum are easily controlled via the bespoke Reprint user interface program running on the familiar Windows XP platform. Operators need no special expertise and only minimal training.

Features include –

  • Fully programmable print parameters including the vertical motion profile for stencil/product separation, so critical in fine pitch and hybrid applications.
  • Unlimited product file data storage. The R29 Spectrum can also be networked to allow off line storage of product files.
  • Product set-up wizard for fast, reliable product file configuration.
  • User Password access protection.
  • Extensive built in diagnostics.
  • Comprehensive product and machine statistics.
  • 2-D post print paste-on-pad and stencil blockage inspection.
  • Fully programmable stencil cleaning cycles.

Quality and Absolute Precision

Exceptional print quality and repeatability are achieved using a state-of-the-art servo motor control system in tandem with precision mechanical assemblies. The simple-to-use yet highly sophisticated automatic vision alignment system gives the machine its exceptional printing accuracy.

The print carriage moves on hard-wearing high-precision linear bearings. A fixed point print head structure with self-leveling squeegee holders provides exceptional printing every time. The product alignment and transfer systems are all mounted on precision made mechanical platforms and operate under full software control.

Print quality and productivity is further enhanced with flexible under stencil cleaning systems (Std wet/dry or Vacuum wet/dry options), which can be programmed separately or in combination with the 2-D post print paste-on-pad and stencil blockage inspection software linked to the machine’s vision system.

Board / Stencil Alignment

Reprint has developed a unique, dual camera system that uses a combination of stored and live images to align the PCB with the stencil. It can recognise standard board features or dedicated fiducials to provide perfect alignment every time. The system is fast and flexible and features multi-point alignment to compensate for stencil stretch and board manufacturing variations. Alignment calibration and vision system training are fully automatic to minimise operator intervention.

Simple Low cost maintenance

In common with all Reprint products the R29 Spectrum has been designe for minimal maintenance. The print carriage with its covered ball screw drive system and quality bearings requires virtually no maintenance. Protection is provided to moving parts to minimise contamination from pastes and other material debris.

The on-board computer, electronics and other control systems are easily accessible allowing fast modular replacement. A dedicated maintenance and diagnostic menu is provided within the user program to minimise down time and provide fast fault-finding and testing of all areas of the machine.


  • Under Stencil Cleaning

i. Standard Wet / Dry Under Stencil cleaning system.
ii. Additional Vacuum option.

  • Support Tooling

i. Standard Manual Tooling ( 20 x 20mm dia Tooling supports.

ii. Vacuum Tooling System. (Can be used in conjunction with Manual Tooling).

iii. Automatic Tooling management system.

iv. Dedicated tooling designed to customer specification for special applications if requested.

v. Vacunest Tooling option.

  • Paste Dispensing

i. Manual Paste Dispensing – (Air powered)
ii. Automatic Paste Dispensing System.

iii. 2-D Post print paste-on-pad and Stencil blockage inspection systems.

iv.SPC Reporting System.

v. Universal screen frame adaptor (for stencil frames smaller than 29″)

vi. Dedicated frame adapators designed on request.

To put it simply. The R29 Spectrum offers exceptional value, Functionality and control within a highly automated, supremely flexible, robust, compact and stylish footprint. With its comprehensive specification and high build quality, it is designed to deliver a high level of performance and controlled precision that we feel offers the most cost effective return on your investment.

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