TMC Paints

Single Change and Multi-Change Thermal Paints. Temperature range 80 to 1270C.


Multi-Change Thermal Paints withstand hostile environments and prove a valuable asset particularly when used in conjunction with gas turbines and jet engines. Being the only paint of its type known that will retain its surface adhesion at these temperatures thus offering a high degree of protection from erosion. Used extensively in rocketry and high speed flight technology, these paints prove to be an invaluable tool in thermal measurement.


Single Change Thermal Paints are now colour fast in direct sunlight, resistant to chemical abuse and provide a clearline colour change. Proving to be an extremely useful aid to the industrial, chemical and petrochemical markets. An ideal tool for monitoring lined vessel plant, detecting rise in surface temperature where the refractory linings have broken down, acting as a watchdog for this type of industry.

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