Philips Assembleon X & M Series Nozzles

DKR supply from stock all necessary Nozzles for all machines models

such as Emerald, Topaz, Comet, Emerald X, Emerald XII, Topaz X,
Topaz XII, Opal XII and all MG Series

Partial list only!!!

Please call for more information.

X Series Nozzles

Nozzle type 73 for Topaz-XII
Nozzle type 74A for Topaz-XII
Nozzle type 76A (Melf) Topaz-XII
Nozzle type 71 for Topaz-XII
Nozzle type 72 for Topaz-XII

Nozzle type 75 for Opal-XII

MG-1 nozzles

Nozzle 211A for MG-1
Nozzle 212A for MG-1
Nozzle 213A for MG-1
Nozzle 214A for MG-1
Nozzle 215A for MG-1
Nozzle 216A for MG-1

MG-2 Nozzles

Nozzle type 201 for MG-2
Nozzle type 202 for MG-2
Nozzle type 203 for MG-2
Nozzle type 206 for MG-2

MG-8 nozzles

Nozzle set (4 grippers + 1 big) for MG-8

Nozzle 01005 MG-8 FNC

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