XT-3 – 90kv up to 130kv


Verifier Plus (FSX-075)

Enhanced X-Ray Inspection System

The Verifier Plus is a low-cost, general purpose solder quality verification and defect detection tool designed for fast and intuitive BGA/SMT solder quality inspection applications. The Verifier Plus provides continuous real-time x-ray solder quality, failure analysis and rework verification.

75kV, 33 micron microfocus no-maintenance x-ray source, provides sufficent power to inspect BGA/SMT components and low-desity
Sample handling: up to 16 x 18″ (406 x 457mm)
Small footprint of 32 x 34″ | 813 x 864mm easily rolled to where ever needed (i.e., production floor, prototype lab, rework area, etc.)
220X magnification provides excellent viewing of the smallest SMD electrical interconnections.
Systems are CE, CSA and TUV certified and exceed all safety and radiation protection requirements set forth by CDRH and FDA regulations.
The standard sample manipulator has five angled set points, to provide angulations up to 30° or more depending on board size.
Angular viewing provides improved detection of opens, non-wetting and void position.
  • High-resolution 75kV, 33micron no-maintenance microfocus x-y source provides continuous real-time inspection with a large (70mm) field-of-view (FOV) to quickly inspect solder quality of assemblies or rework operations.
  • Sample Manipulator (Board Holder): Positions the sample in the x-ray path. Provides off axis positioning (tilt /rotate) of the sample between the source and detector.
  • High-resolution 2/4″ image detector with zoom lens provides >200X magnification for detailed viewing of the smallest SMD electrical interconnections. While the large field-of-view can display (70mm) packages in a single view for rapid identification of bridges, missing, poor shape and large voids.
  • Camera (lens optics and CCD Sensor): Converts analog light waves into digital video signals
  • The Image Processor (Computer, Frame Grabber and VIP software); captures and displays x-ray images in real-time while providing an operator with tools to enhance, identify, analyze, measure and report — sample quality and defect characteristics.

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