XT-6 up to 160kv

XT-6 Flexible multiple axes (hexapod) X-ray inspection system.

The XT-6 is a highly flexible X-ray inspection system featuring a parallel-kinematic Hexaglide manipulation unit that allows extreme off-axis X-ray transmission in the smallest of space with maximum speed and in high resolution.


Verifier HR (FSX-090)

Advanced X-Ray Inspection System

The Verifier HR is a high-resolution and high-magnification x-ray system designed for fast intuitive operation. The Verifier HRs’ small 32 x 34″ footprint design, ease-of-use and high-quality imaging makes it well suited for virtually any quality inspection and defect detection application.

90kV, 5 micron microfocus no-maintenance x-ray source, provides more than enough power to penetrate challenging package types: Ceramic CGAs, BGAs with metal lids or heat sinks and RF shielding.
Sample handling: up to 16 x 18″ (406 x 457mm)
High-resolution imaging components provide ultra clear resolution and contrast.
Small footprint of 32×34″ | 813x864mm easily rolled to where ever needed.
715X magnification provides excellent imaging of semiconductor interconnections, to reveal wire-bonds, die shape/size, die-attach, delamination, voiding, etc.
Safe: CE certified and exceeds all CDRH and FDA safety and radiation requirements.
The standard sample manipulator has five angled set points, to provide angulations up to 30° or more depending on board size.
Angular viewing provides improved detection of opens, non-wetting and void position.
  • High-resolution 90kV 5 micron x-ray source delivers more than enough power to penetrate challenging packages such as: Ceramic Column Grid Arrays, BGA with metal lids or heat sinks and devices with RF shielding.
  • Sample Manipulator (Board Holder): Positions the sample in the x-ray path. Provides off axis positioning (tilt /rotate) of the sample between the source and detector.
  • High-resolution 2/4″ Image Intensifier with zoom lens (Magnification: >650x) provides superb imaging for viewing internal semiconductor connections such as wire-bonds, die-attach, delamination, voiding and solder joint opens.
  • Camera (lens optics and CCD Sensor): Converts analog light waves into digital video signals.
  • The Image Processor (Computer, Frame Grabber and VIP software); captures and displays x-ray images in real-time while providing an operator with tools to enhance, identify, analyze, measure and report — sample quality and defect characteristics.
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