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Yamaha YCP10 Printer

Yamaha Motor Releases New High-Performance Compact Printer – YCP10.

Printing quality similar to flagship models, compatible with large circuit boards

The YCP10 comes standard with Yamaha Motor’s unique 3S head*2 and stencil suction mechanism.

Measures have also been taken to reduce the tact time of the printing line including the use of servo motors for parts transfer.

As a result, a tact time of 8 seconds (excl. printing time) has been achieved, an improvement of approximately 12% over the current model.

The YCP10 comes standard with many user-friendly features including a graphic alignment function to allow the circuit board and printing stencil to be aligned with very little training required, and a touch panel which allows operators to control the machine as if they are using a tablet computer.

The YCP10 is fully certified with CE*3 mark compliance to meet global demands.

*1: A cream-based soldering product made of fine soldering particles, viscous fluid flux and a binder, and bonds surface-mount devices to a printed circuit board when heated in a reflow oven

*2: Yamaha Motor printer head; the name derived from the term ‘Swing Single Squeegee’

*3: CE marking: A safety compliance marking for equipment set up and used in the European Economic Area

Equipment Name YCP10
Compatible Circuit Board Dimensions L510xW460 mm – L50xW50 mm
Compatible Stencil Size L750xW750, L736xW736, L750xW650, L650xW550 mm
Printer Head Standard: 3S (Swing Single Squeegee) Head
*Either the metal or urethane squeegee can be selected
Printing Accuracy
Positioning Repeatability
(6σ)±0.025 mm
(6σ)±0.010 mm
Printing Line Tact Time 8 seconds or less
(excluding printing time)
Interface Touch Panel Monitor
Power Specifications Single-phase 200-230 V ±20V 50/60 Hz
Air Supply Clean dry air of 0.45 MPa or more
Exterior dimensions L1,130xW1,760xH1,370 mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 1,100 kg
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