Yamaha YSi-X

3D X-ray solder test inspection.

Laminography Technology. C.L.=Laminography
Reproduce only inspection target
using X-ray shots less than 10.

PCB supply in line conveyor.

Max. board L600 ×W460mm /inline

L510×W360mm/front manual

Max. height Up40mm/Bottom40mm /inline

Up40mm/Bottom80mm/front manual

Target component BGA/CSP, Insertion, SOP/QFP, transistors, R/C Chip, bottom terminal components, QFN, LGA, etc.

Inspention items Missing, Misalignment, Tomb stone, Polarity, Bridge, Foreign material, Absence of solder, Insufficient solder, Lifted lead, Lifted chip, Filet, Each defect name. definition free.

X-ray inspection Imaging method

3D slice imaging using laminography

Resolution Field of View 54um, 28.05×25.33mm 27um, 14.03×12.67mm

19um, 9.35× 8.44mm ,12um, 6.27× 5.63mm

Switch for each inspection target X-ray source

Micro focus closed tube 125KV/100uA

X-ray detector Direct panel X-ray detector

3D available area 4.0sec/view, L510×W360mm

2D available area 1.0sec/view, L600×W460mm

Optical inspection Imaging method R/G/B/IR of 10 image

Illumination Dome shaped 4 illumination

Available area 0.5sec/View, L600×W460

Camera/Lens 5M pixel color camera / telecentric lens Resolution, View

19um, 44.60×37.37mm

Laser inspection Measuring method Triangular surverying using laser beam

Resolution 5um

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