Koh-Young Bench Top Model 3020T

KY-3020T system is a semi-automatic table top version of a 3D SPI system based on Koh Young’s leading-edge technology Delivering the same measurement performance as Koh Young’s in-line SPI systems, the KY-3020T system is capable of 100% 3D inspection of all pads and is best suitable for

The full automatic KY-3020T packs superior Koh Young inspection technology into a compact, tabletop system that delivers precise, accurate SPI results while offering portability, convenience and value.

  • Tabletop, portable, flexible
  • Fully automatic inspection on every pad
  • Programs compatible with Koh Young’s in-line systems
  • Great starter system, for R&D, or for small shops

Inspection Items : Volume, Area, Height, Offset, Bridging, Shape Deformity, Coplanarity

Inspection Speed

Resolution 10um 15um 20um
Inspection time 3.6㎠/sec 8㎠/sec 13㎠/sec
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