Koh-Young In-Line Model aSPIre

Koh Young Technology’s new product aSPIre 3D In-line Solder Paste Inspection System adds more value to your production. Keeping with high speed SMT lines, aSPIre system helps maximizing productivity and ensures no compromise is made between speed and accurate 100% 3D measurement capability as well as unrivalled measurement.

aSPIre 2 is the only 3D SPI system that Provides a complete solution to the common bottlenecks that hinder conventional inspection systems.
Koh Young’s innovative technology provides true, accurate 3D inspection data by solving a number of critical problems
that can result in inaccurate and unreliable inspection.
Koh Young’s patented 3D measurement and inspection technology in the aSPIre 2 delivers the fastest, the most reliable inspection result.

  • No False Calls, No Escapes via Shadow Free Imaging
  • Unrivalled Performance & Inspection Speed
  • Innovative Yield & Process Improvement
  • Perfect PCB Warp Compensation

Inspection Items : Volume, Area, Height, Offset, Bridging, Shape Deformity, Coplanarity

Inspection Speed

Inspection Time(per FOV)




High Precision Mode

0.37 sec

0.38 sec

0.40 sec

High Speed Mode

0.30 sec

0.31 sec

0.33 sec

Max. PCB size

Machine Size





810X610mm (32X24inch)

Min. PCB size : 50X50mm

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