Koh-Young In-Line Model 8030-2

All kinds of defects from screen printing process can be detected through 3D inspection, which include not only Insufficient paste, excessive paste, shape deformity based on 3D volume and shape measurements, but also cases of no paste, bridging and placement errors with 2D characteristics.

The new KY8030-2 delivers 2x faster inspection without compromising performance and accuracy.
Using patented dual projection, the system eliminates the critical Shadow problem that all 3D SPI systems can be vulnerable to.
Easy UI and SPC Plus are included in the system package in order to help users achieve faster & easier printer process optimization.

  • Solution to shadow problem using patented dual projection Moiré technology
  • Industry best inspection speed with guaranteed measurement accuracy
  • Easy UI & SPC Plus included to help printing process optimization

Inspection Items : Volume, Area, Height, Offset, Bridging, Shape Deformity, Coplanarity

Inspection Speed

Resolution 15um 20um 25um
Inspection time(per FOV) 0.47sec 0.47sec 0.47sec

Max. PCB size

Machine Size M L XL
Max 330 x 250 mm 510 X 510 mm 810 X 610 mm

Min. PCB size : 50X50mm

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