Yamaha YSi-S

21Sec* (25msec/cm2 or 4,000mm2/sec) The top of inspection speed in Off-line AOIs. 5 Mega Pixels High-Definition Telecentric Optical System.

  • 21Sec* (25msec/cm2 or 4,000mm2/sec) The top of inspection speed in Off-line AOIs
  • * for L330 x W250mm PCB
  • 5 Mega Pixels High-Definition Telecentric Optical System
  • Red Green Blue x 3 Angles + IR
    3 Sectionalized dome illumination: RGB full color for High/Mid/Low section & Infra-Red also for High
  • Accommodation of tall components, by shadow-free lighting
  • Deeper focus-depth optical system, which can respond also on the top of 50mm height components on discrete assembled wiring board.
  • Height resolution 5µm (Laser distance measure)
  • One-action program data conversion/generation, from Mounting data to Inspection data
  • Inspection data is compatible, as for this and YSi-12
  • YSi original firm-ware assures excellent high-speed inspection, if any large number mounting points
  • Stand-alone type high-rigidity frame
  • Model YSi-S(Model : KLB-000)
    Applicable PCB L510 x W460mm (Max) to L50 x W50mm (Min)
    (L650mm available as option)
    Inspection speed 21sec for L330 x W250mm PCB
    (25msec/cm2 or 4,000mm2/sec)
    Resolution Laser Z: 5μm
    Visible ray: 19μm
    (Based on target device types, options of 10μm resolution can also be selected before factory shipping)
    Infrared ray: 19μm
    Targets Solder after hardening, component mounting conditions
    Power supply Single-phase AC 200/208/220/230V +/- 10% 50/60Hz
    Air supply source No need(Except in case of optional marking unit is installed)
    External dimension L1,108 x W1,305 x H1,388mm
    (not-including projections)
    Weight Approx. 750kg
  • SMT Screen Printer

    Yamaha YSP

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    High-Speed High-Precision Universal High-End Printer

    11sec/PCB (including Transfer time)
    Printing Accuracy3σ:±0.025mmPositioning repeatability3σ:±0.005mm
    ※Possible to be customized for L610mmBoard
    3S Squeegee(Swing Single Squeegee
    0402 mm(01005 inch) chip-0.3mm lead-pitch QFP
    PSC (Print Stability)

  • SMT Assembly Solutions

    Yamaha YS12

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    Making the most of limited foot-print!

    This compact platform design (front view breadth 1,254mm) assure flexible line arrangement in your site

  • SMT Dispensers

    Yamaha YSD

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    Introducing the new YSD dispensing system

    Building on the success of its total line solutions based on YS-series mounters, the YSP printer and inspection systems, Yamaha will introduce the next level of integration with its new YSD high-speed dispenser.
    The Yamaha dispensing systems, already Japans No. 1 dispensing solution,

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