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Yamaha YSP20 Printer

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has developed the new YSP20 D×D Printer, a solder-paste (cream solder) printer that adopts dual-stage, dual-stencil printing


  1. Dual-stage, dual-stencil printing process employed

    Achieves printing line tact of approx. 5 seconds, or more than twice the previous speed.

    Enables a variety of unique new functions such as non-stop set-up functions, and sequential printing function involving different stencil thicknesses and quick and easy set-up (changing) of carry-in conveyor sections.

    Provides not only various running modes such as dual- or single-lane transport, but also compatibility with other makers’ equipment (pre and post) in the production line.

  2. Equipped with a 3S head (abbreviation for Swing Single Squeegee)

    A system of servo mechanics enables applicable control of squeegee attack angle and speed. This makes it possible to optimize printing conditions for the type of solder used and thus improve repletion performance for higher quality and more consistent printing performance.

    The printing pressure feedback control system makes accurate setting and control of squeegee printing pressure possible.

    Utilizes a single squeegee blade
    – Cuts surplus solder build-up on blades in half to reduce overall solder consumption.
    – Limit solder dripping.
    – Improves serviceability and change-over work.

  3. Handles larger board sizes

    This model is designed to handle larger PCBs up to L510 mm×W460mm, expanding its capacity to accommodate collective substrates, LCD PCBs and industrial-use PCBs.

    It has the capacity to immediately change between four types of large-sized stencils in both the front and rear stages.

  4. Space-efficient platform

    Even while providing a buffer function and traverse function in the carry-in conveyor section, optimizing the machine layout has enabled a highly space-efficient platform.

  5. High accuracy printing

    Increased rigidity of the printing table and frame has provided high levels of printing accuracy and smooth PCB release. Adoption of the Yamaha Multiple Accuracy Compensation System (MACS)*3 ensures a high level of printing accuracy.

  6. Print Stability Control (PSC) system

    This system stabilizes the rolling radius of the solder paste that affects printing quality. This also contributes to faster set-up and reduces solder waste.

  7. Graphic alignment function

    This function provides a composite image showing the relative positions of the PCB and printing stencil that enables a direct verification of the alignment of the two. This makes it possible to finely adjust the printing alignment parameters.

  8. Optical inspection of printing results

    This function provides detailed and accurate post-printing inspection. This greatly increases reliability of printing results for areas that can’t be verified by optical inspection after reflow-processing.

  9. Excellent operability and full line of options

    The easy to read and understand interface ensures ease of operation. The display has four language options to select from: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

    A highly effective cleaning system comes as standard equipment. Furthermore, a lower noise level is achieved.

    The full line of options includes an output-side sorting conveyor, a peripheral atmosphere temperature control unit, a PCB vacuum suction system, solder remaining quantity detection and UPS compatibility.

  10. CE marking compliance*4

    Compliance with the CE marking standard of machine design safety enables use worldwide.

Model name D×D Printer YSP20
Applicable PCB L510×W460mm to L50×W50 mm
Printing head 3S (Swing Single Squeegee) head
Printing accuracy Printing accuracy (3s) ±0.025 mm
Alignment repeatability (3s) ±0.005 mm
Printing line tact Approx. 5 sec. (Standard printing: YMC test result at optimum conditions)
Applicable stencil sizes 750×750 mm, 736×736 mm
750×650 mm, 650×550 mm
Power supply 3-phase AC200/208/220/240/380/400/416V ±10%
Air supply 0.45MPa
External dimensions L1,775×W2,410×H1,520mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 2,900 kg
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